Strategic Documents


The Canton Fire Department is one of about 300 internationally accredited agenciesCFAI through the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI).

The Canton Fire Department is committed to a continuous improvement process which includes a comprehensive self-assessment and evaluation model that examines past, current and future levels of service and performance, then compares them to industry best practices. 

Each year, the Canton Fire Department submits an Annual Compliance Report to the CFAI, which includes information regarding performance and progress toward the department's strategic goals. 

Self-Evaluation Documents

Accreditation through the Commission of Fire Accreditation International, requires comprehensive self-evaluation of the department's fire and medical services. The accreditation model focuses on continuous improvement which is achieved through data supported decision-making. 

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan is a five-year plan, developed with community input, regarding service priorities, expectations and goals for the department. 

View the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan (PDF)

Community Risk Assessment and Standards of Cover

The Community Risk Assessment and Standards of Cover is a foundation document in the CFAI accreditation model.  This document describes and defines a community-based risk assessment and documents historical performance, based on call type, risk and population. 

View the 2022 CFD Standards of Cover (PDF)


Part of the requirements to retain accredited agency status is the department's commitment to quality improvement by keeping CFAI informed of any significant changes or developments in activities, direction or programming.  This is accomplished by the preparation and submission of an annual compliance report. 

2022 CFD Appraisal Communications (PDF)

2022 CFD Appraisal Community Risk Reduction (PDF)

2022 CFD Appraisal EMS (PDF)

2022 CFD Appraisal Fire Investigation (PDF)

2022 CFD Appraisal Fire Suppression (PDF)

2022 CFD Appraisal Hazardous Material (PDF)

2022 CFD Appraisal Public Eduction (PDF)

2022 CFD Appraisal Tech Rescue (PDF)